How to Make a Diaper Cake

How to Make a Diaper Cake


Things you will need:

~ At least two packs of diapers  – You will use 78-90 diapers for a 3 Tier cake. This cake was made with size 2 disposable diapers.

~ Gifts to decorate cake such as : binkies, binkie clips, washcloths, onesies, bibs, socks and other supplies like lotion, baby wash, rash cream and small toys

~ Rubber bands  – you will need about 100 in various sizes.

~ Cardboard or cake plate large enough for the base. The cake isn’t heavy, so a card board cake round will work (you can cover it with paper or foil). This cake was placed on a printed cake round from craft store.

~ Colorful ribbons, bows and receiving blankets


To Assemble:

~ Roll up diapers and wrap with rubber band.

~ Bottom Layer – 36 rolled diapers. Place diapers in a circle and secure with heavy rubber band or ribbon. Fill the middle of the circle with additional diapers or small items such as bibs, burb cloths or bottles.

~ Middle Layer – 28 rolled diapers. Again, fill the center area with items of your choice.

~ Top Layer – 12 rolled diapers. Place a tall item such as a lotion or baby shampoo in the center.


From this point you can decorate your heart out. This cake had each layer wrapped in a receiving blanket and secured with a tied ribbon. Smaller items and goodies were tied and tucked to the main ribbon on each layer.

There is no limit to the designs or gifts that can be used on a diaper cake. This has to be one of the favorite gifts at any shower. Use it as a center piece and as a gift!



  1. Kim says

    Very adorable – I’ll be sharing that too with my FB readers. I’ve never made one and never got one either…I don’t think they were even thought of 32 years ago, were they?

  2. Michele says

    Wish I had known how to do this about 8 months ago!! We had a baby shower for a girl I work with-she would have loved something like this!!

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