Raingun (The Talan Revolt, #1) {Review}

Raingun (The Talan Revolt, #1) {Review}

I was asked to read and review the Talan Revolt series by John Blackport. The first book of the series is Raingun (The Talan Revolt, #1). Here is the synopsis:

Rick Rivoire is a Raingun, protecting his country in this elite regiment of spellcasting cavalry.

But national policy changes, embracing slavery and persecution. The emerging status quo imperils Rick’s hard-won self-respect. Supporting tyranny would doom his dream to emulate Terez, the valiant swordswoman who braved a den of monsters to rescue the terrified nine-year-old boy he once was.

Rick must defend an aristocracy whose actions disgust him, or risk everything he has.

I couldn’t help but want to cheer on the hero, Rick. Despite all he’s been and going through, he does his best to be a good man. This book is part of the “fantasy adventure” genre and ranges from magic spells, Gods & Goddesses, to combat strategy and soldiers, and even romance and love! I’ll be honest, some of the bloody battle descriptions and physical relationships were not exactly my cup of tea, but nothing so graphic I couldn’t get through it.

While I’d recommend this book/series to fantasy adventure readers, I wouldn’t let my young son or even a younger teenager read it.  I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the books of the series!

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