Review: Medieval History Memory Game

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Mosaic Reviewers received a copy of Medieval History Memory Game from Classical Historian as our June review product. We have had too much fun with it since it arrived!

Review: Medieval History Memory Game

This game is geared toward younger children however even the adults in the house had a blast playing with it. The sorting game with the pressure of the timer had us all laughing at each other.

Game box includes 64 Matching Images and Eight Category Tiles that can be used in whole or with just a couple for the younger players. When we played with mixed ages, the high school and adults had to use all the tiles while the younger students had few to match depending on their learning levels. By using this method, the younger students often beat the adults!

Two Games In One: 

A. Medieval History Memory:  Play the classic matching game. The Player that finds the most matching pairs wins!  This is a fantastic game for ages 3 and older.

Your child will become familiar with important historical people, monuments, maps, artifacts, and symbols. This game teaches very basic historical facts, image recognition, and memory skills.The tiles are very sturdy and beautiful. After playing with a very young person, he will be extremely interested to learn more about all the images on the tiles.

B. Categories:    This game teaches geography and association skills.  Place four Category Tiles (Europe, The Americas, The Far East, Arabia) at the top of the playing area. Mix up the 64 Matching tiles.  One player says, “Go!” and starts timing. The other player places all tiles under the correct tile. The person with the fastest time wins. For wrong placement, add 10 seconds per tile.This is appropriate for ages 8 and older and requires some knowledge of history.  Follow our instructions page for the Answer Key! 

This is just one of several History memory games. To learn more about this and other products, visit their online site The Classical Historian or connect with them on Facebook.

I would recommend this game as well as the entire memory set to use in your home for fun family interaction and as a skill set builder for younger students.

For a limited time, you can purchase the History Game Superbundle and receive all six games for only $59.99 which is a 25% savings!

Right now you can check out the teams review of Apologia’s How Do We Know God is Really There? Next week check back to read everyone’s views of The Classical Historian games and curriculum. Click on over to Mosaic Reviews! Also join us Friday June 28th 9:00 p.m. Eastern time on the Mosaic Reviews Facebook page for a party and possibly some giveaways!

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  1. Amanda says

    Oh my gosh, my husband would love playing this, haha! I enjoy seeing new game ideas instead of the normal “Monopoly” type games. Love the creativity of this one!

  2. Brandy Myers says

    My boys adore matching games and I love the skills it teaches. Thank you for alerting me to another matching game.

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