Smash the Spider in the SpooktacularHop

Smash the Spider in the SpooktacularHop

Smash the Spider in the SpooktacularHop

Welcome to another Hopping Bloggers event! This is a particularly special event because we are doing something a little different and VERY fun! We have gathered 10 incredible bloggers to join us on this Spooktacular Adventure! 10 bloggers means 10 prizes for you to win! There is NO limit on how many prizes that you can win, so be sure to enter them all! This is a THEMED giveaway hop – all giveaways are Halloween related!

This event is hosted by Women and Their Pretties and Mama Smith’s Blog

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As a member of the Hopping Blogger team, I am the spider! YIKES!!!  That is the one animal that causes more drama and grief around my house. For being just a tiny little creature…just the site of it drives my crew crazy.

SimplySherryl’s Spider will be weaving an Amazon Gift Card just for the winner of this event! Good luck on this and all your entries in the SpooktacularHop Event!

Smash the Spider in the SpooktacularHop

Smash the Spider in the SpooktacularHop to win $25 Amazon Gift Card

Remember in order to enter to win the SpooktacularHop on the other sites you will need to click through and enter on each site. When you get back to me, you have made the complete loop!


How To Enter

After you’ve entered my giveaway, click the images within the graphic below to win more prizes! Each image in the graphic will take you to a different giveaway. The list of prizes that you can win is below the graphic. Enjoy hopping along this Spooktacular Giveaway Adventure!

Here’s a list of the giveaways in the hop. Click on the matching graphic above, to enter to win them.

  1. FrankesteinWomen and Their Pretties – Mysterious Mystery Prize ($30 value) (HOST)
  2. ZombieMama Smith’s Blog –Halloween Candles Package ($40 value) (HOST)
  3. Black Cat Maggie’s Truth – Walmart Gift Card ($20 value)
  4. Cauldron – Mom At 40 – Amazon e-Gift Card ($20 value)
  5. Jack-O-LanternBites Reviews You Can Use – Halloween Express Gift Card ($50 value) 
  6. Spooky TreeThe Mixing Bowl – Halloween Treat Bag ($30 value)
  7. Haunted HouseWild Redhead Homestead – PayPal Cash ($20 value)
  8. BatPractical Frugality – Amazon Gift Card ($25 value)
  9. Spider – Simply Sherryl – Amazon Gift Card ($25 value)
  10. Ghost – Bargnhtress – Amazon Gift Card ($20 value)


  1. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says

    There are so many things that give me the creeps and totally freak me out. The worst would probably be snakes. I don’t like spiders, bugs or critters either.

  2. Dana Matthews says

    For me, the most dreaded creature is a rat! I can’t stand them…even down to the bitty mouse size. A mouse can make me act a nut!

  3. Holly Thomas says

    I am definitely most afraid of spiders than anything else. I go into major panic attacks that almost throw me in the hospital over just the tiniest spider!

  4. Leah says

    i’m cool with both spiders and bats as they eat insects and I hate creepy-crawly bugs! (The enemy of my enemy is my friend!)

  5. Shannon says

    I am afraid of all water except for very clean poor water or tap water and I still would not let it get into my nose.

  6. Natalie Brown says

    I really don’t like either spiders or bats but I dislike bats more. There’s several of them in my neighborhood and, at night when I walk my dog, they swoop down by us. Eekkkk!!!

  7. Amanda Alvarado says

    My most dreaded creature are cockroaches especially the ones that fly! I can handle bats and spiders but I will run screaming from a cockroach!

  8. Shannon says

    Besides those, I really really hate with a passion hissing cockroaches. I had never seen them but one day Chris and I went to the science museum and they had these rats that could “play basketball” and it was pretty cute for rats. On a side note I used to live near the science museum in Richmond and there are a lot of nasty rats around there. They are HUGE. In any case, we were looking around the cases, they had a lot of stuff like snakes and whatever. The man comes over to us and starts talking to us and Chris happened to say “Yeah she hates those hissing cockroaches” which they happened to have some. The man decided to try to make them “hiss” for me which they didn’t and ugh it was nasty.

  9. Kelly O says

    Oh, I don’t like either! Snakes, spiders, bats, bugs… are all yucky. I lived in the south for a while and they had all the yicky things. I still have bad dreams 🙂

  10. Laura J says

    Oh I would have to say for me its the spiders!!! I dont mind them outside…but when they come inside the house…they have to go!

  11. Anita E says

    I definitely hate spiders. I’m also not a fan of snakes, but spiders are smaller, so I’m always more concerned about them. Yikes!

  12. courtney hennagir says

    Oh,spiders for sure! I got so scared by one last week that I accidentally whacked my hubby in the head in my panic,lol!

  13. Holly Thomas says

    I personally don’t mind which one if I was the winner – but I would be just fine with a regular black amazon gift card.

  14. Shannon says

    Chris hates spiders the most. I will always start screaming at a roach and kill it. I also hate these house centipedes. We had them at the old apartment, I have only ever seen one here but we may have brought him from the old place. They literally make my skin crawl.

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