Swerve Sweetener Review

Swerve Sweetener Review

Swerve Sweetener Review

Have you heard about or tried Swerve All Natural Sweetener yet? I received a bottle to use and offer a review on as part of their blogger program. This was a new product to me and I have had mixed results while using it. I think you will enjoy using this product and it certainly meets a need for those that have to watch their sugar intake.

Swerve Sweetener Review

First let me tell you about the product.

Swerve Sweetener is an all natural zero-calorie sweetener that measures out cup for cup like sugar. It is made from a combination of non-GMO ingredients derived from fruits and vegetables and contains NO artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavors. It’s also non-glycemic, which makes it a perfect choice for weight loss or diabetics. This product will not affect blood glucose or insulin levels.”

Swerve Sweetener Review

My Thoughts:

I certainly appreciate the zero-calorie side of this product, as I have to watch my sugar intake. I also like that it measures like sugar and even looks like sugar.

I also like the product when used in something while cooking. I added it to several soups, casseroles and cookies and found that it blended in as you would expect.

I did notice there was an aftertaste when mixed in a beverage, sprinkled over oats or cereal. While this wasn’t a bad aftertaste, it was noticeable.

My Recommendations:

I would and plan on using this product for baked items or when sugar is called for in a recipe. I would not use it on cereal or in my coffee. Again, it isn’t a bad aftertaste; but not one that I enjoy with my coffee or cereal. However, when used in a recipe it is a great sugar alternative.

To learn more about Swerve and where you can purchase it, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



  1. carla bonesteel says

    I have found that most of these sugar alternatives are NOT that good in coffee. I do currently use Splenda, but I have not found another that is sweet enough or tastes quite right. Thank you for your honest opinion.

  2. md kennedy says

    I will have to find this in my store! I have been told that Splenda is bad, and that used to be my baking non-sugar “go to.”

  3. Maria Iemma says

    As a diabetic I appreciate the review of this sweetener. I do not particularly like the taste of Equal or Splenda and will be giving this a try.

  4. judy gardner says

    i just read another review on this product and the reviewer spoke very highly of it and said there was no aftertaste. i appreciate your being candid about the taste. i think some people’s taste buds are just more “sensitive” to tastes. while i am still interesting in trying this product, i will probably end up just baking with it. doesnt hurt to try it once in some coffee just to see, i will keep an open mind.

    • says

      Don’t get me wrong. I like this product and will be using in my baking instead of sugar. I just didn’t care of it in my iced tea or coffee. The aftertaste isn’t bad, just there on my tongue after I finish drinking. I imagine you would get used to it, but I don’t taste it when I bake the product. Perhaps something is changed with the heat.

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