The Best Sausage, Peppers and Rice Medley

The Best Sausage, Peppers and Rice Medley


This is one of my all time favorite comfort foods.. Sausage, Peppers and Rice Medley. I just love to prepare casseroles that can be assembled quickly and put away in either the fridge to be warmed later for dinner or in a crock pot to simmer for the day. While I try to have dinner planned out and usually started before lunch, this is one of my go to meals when life gets in the way.


2 large onions – sliced
3 or 4 bell peppers – colors of your choice – sliced
3 or 4 stalks of celery – chopped
1 box or can of mushrooms (sliced if fresh)
2 link smoked sausage (if precooked, just slice and toss in dish, otherwise  cook until done before assembling the dish)
2 cups cooked rice

Optional add in items: Carrots, Snow Peas, Green Onions, Red Pepper Flakes – just about anything you have in the pantry~! Makes a great left over dish to clean out the fridge.

To prepare:

In a large skillet, melt a couple of tablespoons of butter with about 2 tablespoons of oil. When hot – toss in onions and celery cooking for 3 to 4 minutes until soft.


Add the sliced sausage* and cook on medium high until sausage browns nicely. Lower heat to simmer and add the sliced peppers and mushrooms. I only cook the peppers while I prepare the rice in a casserole dish because I like them to still be crispy. If you like the peppers soft, add them with the onions and celery.


Combine the rice and veggie – sausage mixture together in a casserole dish. Season with salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste.  It is ready to eat now….. however if making for later or following day, I layer the rice on the bottom of the casserole dish and pour the sausage  – veggie mixture over the top but do not mix until ready to warm. You may find that you need to add about half a cup of water before heating in the oven.


Warm in oven @ 350 until hot and bubbly, or warm by the plateful in the microwave.

Serves 6-8 as main dish, 12 as side on buffet line.

* I cooked my sausage separately because I was making a double batch – one with onions and one without (oh the things we do as moms!)

To prepare in a crock pot, combine all items and cook on low for 8 hours. Remember to double the water to rice used.

This dish received a thumbs up and was named The Best Sausage, Peppers and Rice Medley by my crew!

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  1. KAPP902 says:

    This looks like an easier way to make stuffed peppers…by deconstructing them. My DH really likes stuffed peppers I’m sure he will like this recipe too…I’m going to give it a try…thanks for the recipe!

  2. Candy Kelley says:

    I am not a big rice fan. But I do love the idea of the recipe would you suggest one type of noodle vs another to serve this over instead of rice? Thanks for the advice in advance.

  3. this seems like it would work well with breakfast sausage crumbles as well. yum

  4. Paula morgan says:

    I’m wondering if a can of diced tomatoes, or a can of Rotel Tomatoes, could be added? Maybe use them in the rice water and then add enough water to cook the rice. Just for the added color and flavor.

  5. Dorothy Teel says:

    This looks good and Ilike that it can be done in the crock pot, I have really gotten lazy and love the convenience of the crock pot lately, hardest thing is making smaller batches. I love polish sausage and this would be great, thank you

  6. There is nothing like sausage and peppers. Thank you for the recipe!

  7. I love fall for the easy dinners! Crockpot and rice cooker get a big workout and then there are the casseroles! I will be giving this one a try, minus the mushrooms.

    You did a great job on all the photos!

  8. that sounds yummy and easy to make — thank you for sharing!

  9. I love rice, this looks like a great way to mix it up!

  10. This looks good. I’ll have to make it minus the sausage…not my favorite meat, plus I’m leaning towards becoming a vegetarian. I also like to cut my veggies up either the day before or that morning. Thanks for the yummy idea for dinner tomorrow night!!

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